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Flooring Care

Carpet care

We only install and supply the highest quality carpets, vinyl and laminates, but knowing how to look after your floor properly can still help it have a much longer life and stay looking new for longer.

Our floor fitters are able to give you all the advice you need for your new carpet, vinyl, laminate and wood flooring when it comes to maintaining them. If you want to know all the tips and tricks in keeping your flooring to the highest quality then call us today on 01223 233233. No matter if its is your designer Karndean or Roger Oates flooring; we will give you all the advice you need to keep your floor looking its best for as long as possible.

So many of our customers invest in stunning new carpets and designer flooring, such as real wooden floors or luxurious designer vinyl, without really considering looking after it or how it will stand up to practical use. That pristine plush white carpet might look great in the hallway now, but how will it look after a year of kids, bikes, pets and muddy shoes coming through the door?

Our expert floor fitters advise all our customers on buying the right flooring for each room in their house, and following these basic care guidelines after it’s fitted will keep your new carpet, wood, laminates and vinyl looking great for much longer; No matter if it is a new carpet or a real hard wood floor, we make sure that you have access to the perfect designer flooring for your property and keep it at a high quality for a long time.

Caring for your new carpet

By far the most important regular care is the simple vacuum, besides keeping the floor covering free of dirt and dust build-up it also helps the fibres maintain their volume especially in high traffic areas. A big help to the vacuum is wear prevention; laying doormats and rugs, avoiding gripped shoes like trainers and trying to shift furniture around slightly to avoid wear like flattening, shedding or tufting will all extend the life of deep pile carpets, broadlooms, natural carpets and tiles.

Carpet care
Vacuuming your carpet

Caring for real wood floors

Real wood makes a stunning floor and not too much care is required; regular sweeping with a soft broom and weekly vacuuming with a soft brush attachment will prevent build-up of dirt and sand without scratching the flooring’s solid wood surface. Mop up any kind of liquid or spill immediately using the driest possible damp mop, avoid high heels, heavy shoes or dragging furniture and consider occasional waxing and buffing to really keep the surface of your real wood floor looking beautiful and partly sealed against stains and spills.

Looking after laminate flooring

More practical than wood, laminate flooring requires less care but it is still best to avoid wet mopping in case the liquid seeps to the under-floor where it could damage floorboards or cause stains and warping. Do not ever apply wax finishes and always check manufacturer guidelines before using stain removal products or you may damage the finish of the laminate. Doormats and easy glide furniture pads are also great ideas to avoid scrapes and other marks on any hard surface floor especially laminate flooring.

Care for designer vinyl flooring

Vinyl floors are as close to indestructible as flooring can get, but some good care techniques still make a difference. Keep heavy weights off the floor for the first few days and always avoid dragging heavy objects over it. Clean with sweeping, careful vacuuming (beater bars will scratch vinyl tile and sheet floors) or a warm water mop and only use cleaning products recommended by the flooring manufacturer. This keeps your vinyl flooring looking its best for as long as possible.

Whatever your floor, trust us to help you keep it in great shape

Contact us today or drop into the Cambridge store to browse our range and get advice on the ideal new floor for your home, we regularly carry out installations in Huntingdon, Ely, Milton, Sawston, Cambridge, St Ives, Newmarket, Cambourne, St Neots and Saffron Walden.