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Choosing The Right Flooring For You


All too often we meet new customers who picked out their previous flooring because it looked great, but turned out to be completely unsuitable.

When we talk to new customers in our Cambridge showroom or carry out surveys and quotations in their homes, we always try and offer good advice along with it; flooring takes a lot of wear and tear and the wrong material in the wrong place may be dangerous, so making the right choices from the start will make things a lot easier!

Our specialist team of floor and new carpet fitters will ensure that you have the right flooring for your home; ensuring you receive a long lasting and stunning new carpet or floor covering. From fitting out hallways, kitchens and bathrooms with our Quickstep Parquet flooring to a range of new carpets for lounges and bedrooms; we supply and install everything to fit the style of your home.

Call us today on 01223 233233 and speak to the floor fitters and new carpet experts at Floor Coverings to get the professional advice you need on the right flooring for your home. May it be for any apart of your house, we are able to advise and aid you on the decisions that can change the style of your home, be it a new carpet, laminate, wood or vinyl flooring. We even offer a vast range of designer flooring to ensure you get the right flooring to suit you. This can be from Roger Oates flooring for your staircase; Karndean flooring for your living room and Amtico vinyl flooring for your kitchen.


The classic mistake is the beautiful deep pile white carpet in the entrance hallway, which quickly discolours and flattens with the traffic heading in and out of the doorway in muddy shoes! New carpets can work in a hallway but require a good care regime and typically something a bit tougher like a natural carpet survives the wear and tear better. We recommend Karndean, Amtico, real woods or laminates for hallways, which, when properly laid, will survive all kinds of wear, tear and dirt for many years.

Flooring for Hallways

Kitchens and bathrooms

Spillages and damp quickly make a mess of any carpet so kitchens and bathrooms are best with a practical choice like vinyls and designer vinyls such as Karndean and Amtico. Completely water resistant vinyls simply wipe clean and the texture, especially in the designer ranges, helps prevent slipping which is a risk on laminates and real wood. And if you want something warmer to step out of the bath onto, why not get a plush bathroom mat or rug?

Flooring Ideal for Kitchens


Lounges are a place where you need just the right combination of practicality and comfort; spillages can happen and there’s a lot of wear and tear so whatever material you use it’s important to keep up good floor care. Wood, Karndean and Amtico are great choices in all adult houses proving practicality, warmth and beauty, whilst a good quality stain resistant natural carpet would be better for kids in case they trip or want to play on the floor.

Flooring for Lounges


Here’s where you can make use of that luxurious deep pile white carpet; these kinds of rooms are dry, less used and less subject to spills so you can really have a completely free choice on what you buy; deep pile carpet, elegant real woods and natural carpets are all great choices. Enjoy a new carpet or if you would prefer a wood floor; we have exactly what you need.

Whatever flooring you want we will help guide you in the right direction; but the choice is always yours! Speak to us at any time or visit the showroom to get detailed advice on your ideal flooring or arrange an installation survey and estimate.

Flooring for bedrooms

Take a look at the range of flooring materials we can provide

If you would like further inspiration for your future wooden floor, laminate or carpet, why not take a look at our suppliers gallery.